542 - Lammastide - for Tova

at one my daughter sat on the kerb
in moonlight outside a pub by the Thames.
once she napped in ...

541 - 26 July 1680

he got news of his death - in the thunder
and heat of July or the spent candle
and black window ...

540 - Domesday Woodford

by night this village feels the screech owl’s touch.
it shudders from its first misery
when in Domesday Book seventeen ...

539 - Gnossiennes

that hermetic world proved to be robust
reality - liquid as laudanum
and illumined by crepuscular trust
in memories. who could ...

538 - Dog Days Night

the land is pulverised in Dog Days heat.
the hay falls in fields - the Perseids
too are mown in turn ...

537 - For Jamie

the 4 year old cried all night at losing
his mother. now the 17 year old
is dead under a ...

536 - To Hera Lindsay Bird

love’s riddle is a pyramid scheme
that is unable to grow death’s precinct
exponentially enough - to redeem
its business model ...

535 - Harvest

I see with eyes of poppy - I feel
with the sea of wheat - harvest is close.
I am the draught ...

534 - Robinson Crusoe

in Robinson Crusoe a great shouting
man made of flame comes down with a spear
and demands repentance. for flouting ...

533 - Response to Pedro Arrupe SJ

the Apostles would not have understood
the question - what future the language
they spoke - would have. Aramaic was good
for ...