579 - Michael Cullen (1945 - 2021)

you had been in my life from my late teens
and now I turn 60 and you are gone.
I ...

Ghazal 44 - The Matador

since poetry is a decoy - so that the toreador
fights the mirror and not the image in its interior

and ...

Ghazal 43 - Canons Ashby

my boots are moving through the grasses’ laces in small dashes.
the little flies and moths rise up like sparks ...

Ghazal 42 - The Poet as Cain

the poet goes cursed like Cain from the sight of God - and he goes
from poetry as well. Rimbaud and ...

Ghazal 41 - Tarafa the Poet

the body is the mirror and not the mind - which is the eye
that sees it so. the eye had ...

Ghazal 40 - St James of Edgecote - for Seamus

there is a green James a yellow James and a red one as well.
do not call them Greater or ...

Ghazal 39 - Virgin of the Dry Tree

the Madonna of Woodford is red and green - and not yet blue
of heaven - and earth-coloured as the church is ...

578 - Our Autumn

the fields are now rolled up in bales.
pasture is getting mossy underfoot.
windows in the sky move on like ...

577 - The Wrong Turning

it was not the land that thwarted me
late morning - nor was it the weather
while fog was replaced by ...

576 - Jakob Lenz

Jakob Lenz had a virginity
of soul that fascinated Goethe.
though accused in time of assinity
that lad was best ...