499 - Stravinsky's Concerto for Two Pianos

if we are to believe Adorno
this is a fascist work in which Remus
is not killed and Icarus is suborned
to traverse the sky in intravenous

competition with his Da and not crash.
how duos build just like Amphion
cities flight by flight - is that zigzags flash
and drawing scissor companions

serrate the edge to geniality.
what does Stravinsky leave ? helter skelter -
Nachtmusik’s digestif for sanity
mid-fugue within a modernist welter.

the cookie-cutter cut out night and gave
it shape. bright son loving twin - play these staves.

Woodford Halse
15 May 2021

Igor Stravinsky’s Concerto for Two Pianos ( 1935 ).