500 - Rubbra's Introduction Aria and Fugue Op. 104

if there is night in Rubbra - it is heard
in the piano fugues for a Nachtmusik -
not a Nach-Musik that should have cured
the meal - nor is it nocturne’s mystic

phlebotomy. it is darkness inside
feeling its way through the woodland of notes
without turning on the light to confide
its trouble to. this is not a night soaked

in the mind’s weather nor an abyssal void
but a teleology of darkness.
the true night in Rubbra is not employed
with getting around. intricate starkness

holds its ground in shade - keeps to its station -
a bluebell sward inside a dark sun.

Woodford Halse
17 May 2021

Edmund Rubbra’s Introduction Aria and Fugue Op. 104 ( 1959 - 60 ). Astute readers and listeners will observe my dissent from Stravinsky on Nachtmusik here.