501 - Stravinsky's In Memoriam Dylan Thomas

Wales had a Renaissance - Herbert - Vaughan
alchemy and architecture. a band
tenor plus a string section perform
sound like Gabrieli - as bystanders

to Death’s Droste effect. Dylan Thomas
and not his father is dead - and we hear
music in three parts do sad commerce
with homophony - San Marco brought near

to a Welsh valley so that opposing
choirs and mid-space weave loft and high web
the dead are strung in. the composer
Stravinsky has made sure Venice ebbs

out of Wales - settles in a green bay
to harbour that spider and its prey.

Woodford Halse
18 May 2021

When I heard this piece I thought of the Venetian composer Giovanni Gabrieli ( 1552 - 1612 ) and then learned how the layout of San Marco shaped his music. Venice is the ultimate cath├ędrale engloutie.