508 - Rubbra's Five Spenser Sonnets ( Second Series) Op. 43

Orpheus has tamed the instruments
but lost Eurydice - and the beasts
lie down to mourn their common detriment
as he ornaments an anapaest.

the fields and bower are void of her aspect -
like the culver - he is the she bereaved.
what guile hid her fair hair to be bedecked ?
for even when he saw her - she relieved

none of his anxiety and withheld
herself the more. but Kilcolman comes -
which insurgents attack unheralded.
the couple welcomes Hades’ burnt bosom.

mark then her brief smile - how the beasts in heat
mate. small wonder the pair were defeated.

Woodford Halse
28 May 2021

Rubbra’s Second Series of Five Spenser Sonnets Op. 43 (1942) includes sonnets 78, 70, 89, 37 and 40 from ” Amoretti” (1595). Kilcolman was the house and peel tower in Co Cork in Ireland where Spenser and Elizabeth Boyle were burned out of in 1598. A culver was a word Spenser used for a wood pigeon.