509 - Radley School

three irises stand in a tub as five
schoolboys get on the train at Radley
one of whom is black. nothing has survived
of my Greek library which was sadly

sold to pay for accommodation
at Oxford. I had owned the dramatists -
awarded to one in commendation
from that famous school - who became oikist

of the colony’s university
where I studied Greek. in it I read
Euripides’ “Orestes” - yes pity
youth driven to fury and bloodshed.

are the three tragedians books to hand
in ? - mauve flowers no boy can understand.

Woodford Halse
29 May 2021

The book I refer to was awarded in the late 1870s to W.J. Morrell who became Chancellor of Otago University and Rector of Otago Boys in Dunedin, New Zealand. He was father of the Oxford and Otago historian W.P. Morrell, whom I met. I bought his Classics library in early 1989 after his death. Morrell the Elder was technically not the oikist or founder of the University, which was founded in 1869, but in a general sense he was. A word he would have learned in English from George Grote’s ” History of Greece” as well as in Greek.