513 - Chipping Warden

Chipping Warden has Flamboyant Gothic
as sin like a grounded bat. its church
remains undistracted from the topic
of how humankind was left in the lurch.

its gargoyles are nasty little faces
while the mouches add up to swastika
tracery windows - which the Airforce Base -
now industrial park and ostraca -

on church parade must have marvelled at
as Hell’s apocalyptic propellors.
sex and death were no more let go - than bats
may leave off echoing. developers

who have brought Plateresque and planes now bring
HS2 - one more end of everything.

The Cross Tree
3 June 2021

The Flamboyant Gothic or Plateresque style flourished particularly in France at the same time Perpendicular Gothic flourished in England, in the 15th or early 16th centuries, during the reigns of Charles VII to Fran├žois I. Plateresque is a term that refers to how masonry reproduced effects like silversmiths achieved. HS2 is the UK’s high speed rail project, right now being developed at Chipping Warden.