514 - Samoa

lights will start to go out where bonito
is fished - fleets will go dark in the moonlight.
there are some who are scared the mosquito
slap dance will make them feel itchy from bites

as well. others cast shadows in the sea
as they swim between the three islands.
these must be Tinilau and family
returning in radio silence.

there is a conspiracy aloft.
look who’s going up and down the ladders
listen to who’s indignant and scoffing.
you will end up fishing for sea adders -

pipefish - if you let the ocean go dark -
put out the moon on board your island ark.

The Cross Tree
3 June 2021

Tinilau is the Samoan counterpart of the sea deity whom New Zealand Maori know as Tinirau. The Fa’ataupati is the Samoan Mosquito Slap Dance performed by male dancers as a war dance.