522 - Daventry

the broad Georgian town had been open
to dissent - not the Quakers’ who lived
at Banbury - nor Woodford Halse woken
by Moravians. Daventry’s gift

was Unitarianism - taught
at Caleb Ashworth’s academy
which trained Dr Priestley. light is not caught
by Science alone or remedied

from doubt by seeing - it must be felt
to be true. this plain vigorous town
has known better days but it has not knelt
to the light. no - rather stood and looked round

wondering what else it can do. visions
have left the world - for light without schism.

Woodford Halse
27 June 2021

One of the most famous Dissenting Academies was the Daventry Academy under Dr Caleb Ashworth ( 1722 - 75 ) where Dr Joseph Priestley ( 1733 - 1804 ) the scientist, theologian and political theorist studied, who later emigrated to America, after ” King and Country” riots ransacked his house and laboratory in Birmingham.