523 - The Scarce Chaser

what basilisk or cockatrice is this ?
a dragonfly combined with moth perhaps
the size of a small bird too broad to miss
riding on wings of glass that do not collapse.

here it is on a Northamptonshire moor
Libelulla fulva - the scarce chaser -
enjoying in England its Azores
in the grass breeze a steady pacer.

we stayed close - this chimaera of stiff gauze
and sagging abdomen and I upright
in its sky - invisible in its pause
of mirrors - my own reflected sight.

what I saw was the clouds’ sheen going through -
and held on four slides - specimens of blue.

Woodford Halse
1 July 2021

This occured on Warden Hill north of Chipping Warden after midday on 30 June 2021. There are not supposed to be rare dragonflies of that species in this county.