528 - Le Gaspard de la nuit - Ravel

Ravel is Chopin playing in the night
without a candelabra. a nymph
in water - a corpse once packed tight
in a gibbet - a goblin that synths

the Romantics - transform the keyboard
until - haunted by his exercise
in self-possession - the music is scored
for a mind of its own. Ravel devised

danger in water air earth and wood -
stalking and lunging - then helter skelter.
by all that is untoward - what is good
about Robin Goodfellow. things shelter

inside darkness that mimic its treasure -
that work around us and have our measure.

Woodford Halse
7 July 2021

Ravel’s Le Gaspard de la nuit (1908) is divided into three sections - Ondine, Le Gibet and Scarbo ( which is the name of a goblin).