532 - On a Coin at Culworth

the land is crossed like the palm of a hand.
long lines lead between fingers and thumb -
crossed with the coin of a brief garlanded
emperor. scenery is not the sum

of farmland waterways and wilderness.
the wise village stays inside a hill.
the skylark transmits on its wireless.
the open is a sum that keeps still

while the fungible details succeed
one another - the fields’ fittings are changed.
follow when the land closes and kneads
the thickened trails - not at all rearranged

on a map. watch for when the hand closes
over whatever worth we supposed.

Woodford Halse
12 July 2021

A rare coin of the Emperor Quintillus from 270 CE was found at Culworth in Northamptonshire and reported in 1841. Marcus Aurelius Claudius Quintillus came from Sirmium, what is now Sremska Mitrovica in Serbia. He was the brother of his predecessor Claudius Gothicus.

I walked to Culworth on 11 July.