533 - Response to Pedro Arrupe SJ

the Apostles would not have understood
the question - what future the language
they spoke - would have. Aramaic was good
for a while yet. now it dwindles bandaged

in liturgy - dropped by refugees
in flight from their homes. do they text in it
trusting to it for obscurity ?
cry - father father the chariot

of Israel and the horsemen thereof.
that translates into Eloi Eloi
lama sabachthani. such words hover
as bodies do not. the Spirit decoys

the Word back into suffering flesh.
the future the same - whatever the mesh.

Banbury Station
12 July 2021

I refer to 2 Kings 2.12, Psalm 22.1 and Matthew 27.46.

Pedro Arrupe SJ (1907-91) was Father General of the Society of Jesus 1965 - 81. I am responding to the following comment of his -

” If we speak a language no longer appropriate to the hearts of people, we speak only to ourselves because no one will listen or try to understand what we say.”

Well this is the problem of poetry and prophecy. Language need not be dead and ancient to be incomprehensible, because cultural practices and associations, theology itself, ideology, banality, may prevent any meaning reaching the heart.