537 - For Jamie

the 4 year old cried all night at losing
his mother. now the 17 year old
is dead under a train. diffusing
such pain did not work. its stranglehold

was so complete on his life. I recall
my eldest at 4 when his mother went
to give birth to his sister. he bawled
so badly without any relenting -

he did not cry - he haemorrhaged sorrow.
I have no idea how we got to sleep.
imagine a life only borrowed
from murder that evening. the heart weeps

and not just the eyes. boys who lost mothers -
how do they sleep - sons under the covers.

Woodford Halse
18 July 2021

Jamie McKitten of Great Lumley, Co Durham died on 31 March 2021 from injuries sustained at Chester-le-Street station. His mother had been murdered by his father in 2008.