542 - Lammastide - for Tova

at one my daughter sat on the kerb
in moonlight outside a pub by the Thames.
once she napped in wild purple grass proffered
for her to lie down in - among stems

the sulky wind blew at Hogacre
Common. at nine she swims at Tumbling Bay
along the river. she is a waker
to life rather than woke. memories stay

with me of the late summer season
when swifts leave and summer is made perfect.
Lammastide was when the lambs knew treason
when wheat was in - and first loaves connected

with the Mass. o peasblossom daughter -
some of us ripen - some go to slaughter.

Woodford Halse
24 July 2021

Lammastide is on 1 August. It marks the beginning of late summer, what the Swedes call Rotmonath.