566 - Barrow Hill

why wonder what chieftain lay in this mound ?
that a name was put to the earth to house
his renown - is all that could be found
out from four thousand years - to rouse

this toponym of builder’s dirt and weed
from a grass king’s bedding with his goddess.
once knowledge of a secret name could lead
to gods escaping an acropolis -

to a demon losing its stranglehold
over a host. this lost demonym
did his utmost to live manifold
and to not fall into oblivion.

Barrow Hill is named from his tumulus.
his name was for his people - not us.

Woodford Halse
23 August 2021

This barrow stands on top of Barrow Hill east of Culworth, north of Sulgrave and south of Morton Pinckney.