568 - Robertson Davies

Canadians look crushed by all the space
they have to live in - their eyes radiate
snow that cannot melt into the disgrace
of tears - their allegories try to placate

the trajectories of time on that nigh
immoveable Laurentian Shield.
their women are too stoical to sigh -
they stare at bland men like they too might wield

an axe - and their prime ministers hold
a seance by leaving out a saucer
for the sapient hound that passed. all told -
they do their best to escape their Author’s

archaic Liberalism - seek Gnosis
and Vimy Ridge to tweak the atrocious.

Woodford Halse
28 August 2021

Robertson Davies (1913 - 95) was a most distinguished Canadian author. The Battle of Vimy Ridge 9 - 12 April 1917 was not just a great feat of arms, but a triumph of intellect of a certain kind.