572 - Jonathan Edwards is King Kong

I threw the caterpillars on my rose
into the webs - like Jonathan Edwards’
spider into the fire. I suppose
I am evil then and go downwards

along this chain - rose worm spider fire.
my skill is placing the caterpillars
in the web and seconding that wire
of death. I must be the gorilla

on the skyscraper - the watchmaker god
arrested by beauty - to go and scheme
with the web for a flower. no prodding
made me this bad - but pleasure in the theme

of Jonathan Edwards as King Kong -
the rose eaten - the web so right and wrong.

Woodford Halse
4 September 2021

I refer to the Cooper and Schoedsack film ” King Kong” (1933) and to the New England Puritan philosopher Jonathan Edwards (1703 - 58) and the poem by early American poet Edward Taylor (1642 - 1729) ” Upon a Spider Catching a Fly”.