573 - Emil and the Detectives

Goethe failed “Emil and the Detectives”.
Kästner was too hard for him - and Gretchen
led him on a merry dance - effective
so he said - at distracting attention

from the crime in hand. he was not the first
clever boy to be made a fool in love.
this way he learned Nature is versed
in deceit and that Natural Law is glove

cape hat and domino mask for men -
for women - a Columbine’s tears
and a courtroom scene as a stratagem.
Law and Government became his career.

writing was when he let go of control -
boy on a mountain bike out on parole.

Woodford Halse
5 September 2021

Goethe, a nice Frankfurt patrician lad, fell in with a gang of counterfeiters when he was 14.