589 - The Koziol Madonna

time was a dragon that would eat my child.
I stopped time and crushed the serpent.
the Zodiac and its round are now piled
beneath my feet and their firmament

is closed. you may wonder where are my moon
and crescent - why I am not standing
on its scythe - but I am the lunar
eclipse as well - and I am handing

my son over to you. I am as red
as your earth and as green as your hills -
a brown girl who has quietly bred
the future. brown as the rivers that spill

from underneath your hills - my bare feet
and naked son bruise the snake at our seat.

Woodford Halse
5 October 2021

The Madonna at Woodford Halse by the German sculptor Hermann Koziol (1926 - 2011). Genesis 3.15.