586 - Antecedents

I am the Irish moon in quarter
brought up in an Irish family
of cobblers blacksmiths and wool-sorters
and suckled on all 9 mammaries

of Irish verse gone wild Down Under -
a changeling child. O’Dowd and Brennan
taught me this form - while to my wonder
Hone Tuwhare taught me - Lenin

and R.A.K. Mason were to be said
in the same gust: sonnet form - manuka
in a gale. Maori and Irish are bred
from torn worlds - broadcast through lacunas

of static - to resume as a moon
is 3/4s dark - on its way to noon.

Woodford Halse
27 September 2021

I refer to Australian poets Bernard O’Dowd (1866-1953) and Christopher Brennan (1870-1932) and to New Zealand poets R.A.K. Mason (1905-71) and Hone Tuwhare (1922-2008).