590 - Das Marienleben

language still needs a Copernicus.
God is this woman with child without
a husband. in the brain Wernicke’s
region has to do a flip to flout

Nietzsche’s law against God-driven grammar.
what metaphysics and the angel
said of her is a scratched disc stammering
at the mystery. then the manger’s

visitors - Rilke Hindemith Spender -
kneel before mother and son bringing gifts
of poems song and translation - that lend
credence to her story’s semantic shifts.

men at least who could lay mind and bodies
aside - before love that has no copy.

Woodford Halse
6 October 2021

I refer to Rainer Maria Rilke’s Das Marienleben, which we own in a 1935 Sulamith W├╝lfing-illustrated edition, Stephen Spender’s translation and Paul Hindemith’s song cycle on the same.