593 - Akeman Street

so wie die Brunnen gehen - goes the road -
the road to death hunting after life.
the flash-floods of armies forward they strode -
the vein where slavery put the knife.

it still goes on green across the land
fording a stream it long ago muddied.
it never had a spring or made a stand
save where it stopped - blackened and murdered -

then moved on still moving across the green.
if you track this road - you track death’s trail
stalking where you go - where you have been -
wandering up and down the line without fail.

start anywhere you like - go either direction.
you will come across that intersection.

Woodford Halse
7 October 2021

I refer to where the Roman road Akeman Street crosses south of Tackley. It was put through just after 47 CE.