594 - Die Museuminsel - in response to Adam Zagajewski

being towards death is always white
amid the void. the Museuminsel
is a black death-of-God landing for bright
calm gods - where Stygian streams turn tinsel

if the sun strikes them. being’s shining
should not need the sun - but is lunar
and misses the graveyard dew mining
the kouroi. gods in darkness - sooner

and more thoroughly than one dared to think -
then we see whether phosphoresence works.
it does not - not even as a sinker
and float for life decoyed in the murk.

lives want no being as the image has.
being is death in plaster of Paris.

Woodford Halse
8 October 2021

I visited Die Museuminsel in Berlin in August 1986 in the days of the DDR.