596 - 1830

Goethe aged and the July Revolution.
not again - the young and 60 year olds.
this will go on and on and on - motion
against time’s clipped coupon and stuffed billfolds

towards a new Dionysian.
yet Dionysus had been Goethe’s god
changing the world - not the empyrean.
yes a red Dionysus prodding

the barricades on. kings drop off like scabs -
legitimacy is not a question
of law. Revolution - Cancer the Crab
and the pure Dog Days of ripe suggestion.

1848 - 1870 -
Red October - Dionysus emptied.

Woodford Halse
14 October 2021

The 81 year old Goethe followed with the closest attention and greatest concern news in the papers of the July Revolution in Paris which overthrew Charles X.