Pindaric Ode to Sir Eion Edgar

Strophe I

the man does not stand on ceremony
who gives abundantly to Sport
and Medicine - knows life is caught ...

Elegy for Lucan


new morning star of sulphur for a day
of sirocco - young evening star of steel
for the night that ...

518 - Lucan's Ghost

good gracious Statius. you could not outlive
Lucan no matter how hard you tried.
the Pharsalia is still active
while ...

517 - Beginnings

I have witnessed the secret flights of dawn -
seen how a crow might fly out of hope
still under stars ...

516 - Leyden

the country turned its back on the sun -
the Chilterns vale ended - the plain widened
toward Oxford and the train ...

515 - The Last Walker

was I the last walker from Woodford
to Chipping Warden ? HS2 has cut
millennia of tracks and makes awkward
progress ...

514 - Samoa

lights will start to go out where bonito
is fished - fleets will go dark in the moonlight.
there are some ...

513 - Chipping Warden

Chipping Warden has Flamboyant Gothic
as sin like a grounded bat. its church
remains undistracted from the topic
of how ...

512 - Oxford

I do not want Oxford any longer.
like Horace I opt for the country
and long rural hikes and feel ...

511 - Moreton Pinckney

the extreme quiet is waiting for wheat.
the horses’ hooves had clay-modelled a path
while Spring’s newness still hung in ...