532 - On a Coin at Culworth

the land is crossed like the palm of a hand.
long lines lead between fingers and thumb -
crossed with the ...

531 - The Star Grounded

I took two sips of the river’s dream
then sank. fire I was promised - so I burn
a star in ...

530 - July

a blowtorch from Spain burns the sky blue.
from its white nozzle - sun welds the earth
onto day - the dry ...

529 - Bees in Lavender

I too visit the bee-eyed lavender
not to join their vertical bee-walk
but to watch the eyeballs meander
and match ...

528 - Le Gaspard de la nuit - Ravel

Ravel is Chopin playing in the night
without a candelabra. a nymph
in water - a corpse once packed tight
in ...

527 - Midsummer Mirrors

midsummer is the mirrors’ fevered
lustre in the twilight. pupils play
back déjà vus - not the glass cleaving
so as ...

526 - Shelley

people try to tell other people
about their lives. some give up as they grow
older. belief in stories gets ...

525 - Refrigerium

the rare rain on the semi-desert town
produces a festival of weeds
flowers and foliage that closes down
early. the ...

524 - Wormleighton

the fog apparent half a mile away
was enough to make it strange country
altered from the one I knew ...

523 - The Scarce Chaser

what basilisk or cockatrice is this ?
a dragonfly combined with moth perhaps
the size of a small bird too broad ...