510 - Kamloops

Kamloops was not the banality
of evil as Hannah Arendt described
but evil at its worst infamy.
Hieronymous Bosch monsters ...

509 - Radley School

three irises stand in a tub as five
schoolboys get on the train at Radley
one of whom is black ...

508 - Rubbra's Five Spenser Sonnets ( Second Series) Op. 43

Orpheus has tamed the instruments
but lost Eurydice - and the beasts
lie down to mourn their common detriment
as he ...

507 - Les Misérables

François Villon showed himself around Hell
car il connoit tout fors que soi-mêmes -
the streets of Paris - an infinite well ...

506 - Rubbra's Five Spenser Sonnets Op. 42

Spenser’s strange forest speaks - the singer burns
in the knotted wood. one is a voice
carried in a burning cage ...

505 - Aston-le-Walls

the storm came on with a veil of light rain
toward the hill - the cloud running with ink.
it was ...

504 - Badby Woods

the storm the rookery rode - had pockets
of calm such as a pink road of blossom
unsliced by tyres - had ...

503 - Le Baiser de la fée

in an ocean of silence I was kissed
with le baiser de la fée. her bosom
breathes in the coombs ...

502 - Memento Mori

too much English is spoken in the world.
that is why it is good it finds a check
in a ...

501 - Stravinsky's In Memoriam Dylan Thomas

Wales had a Renaissance - Herbert - Vaughan
alchemy and architecture. a band
tenor plus a string section perform
sound like Gabrieli ...