Quatour pour la fin du temps - villanelle 2

I am blind. I find my way in the dark
with poetry. Messiaen used music.
France is a parliament of ...

596 - 1830

Goethe aged and the July Revolution.
not again - the young and 60 year olds.
this will go on and on ...

Letter from Davos - a villanelle

sun falls on my desk from Spring cold and clear
in Switzerland of 1946.
a consumptive climbs his rock-face of ...

595 - NarziƟ und Goldmund

a man born of a virgin and man-made
virgin differ from a nun-bred virgin
and son. in respect of what ...

594 - Die Museuminsel - in response to Adam Zagajewski

being towards death is always white
amid the void. the Museuminsel
is a black death-of-God landing for bright
calm gods ...

593 - Akeman Street

so wie die Brunnen gehen - goes the road -
the road to death hunting after life.
the flash-floods of armies forward ...

588 - Reply to Yeats

Plato said - time is the moving image
of eternity. what is a play then
what is a masque - if not ...

587 - Byfield Tavern

the gods turned out to be guys playing pool
in the back bar - old guys fearsome and hale
as pirates ...

586 - Antecedents

I am the Irish moon in quarter
brought up in an Irish family
of cobblers blacksmiths and wool-sorters
and suckled ...

585 - Imagine

imagine night has discovered in us
a ghost to be traced in blood and water
a loathsome dream stomping in ...