500 - Rubbra's Introduction Aria and Fugue Op. 104

if there is night in Rubbra - it is heard
in the piano fugues for a Nachtmusik -
not a Nach-Musik that ...

499 - Stravinsky's Concerto for Two Pianos

if we are to believe Adorno
this is a fascist work in which Remus
is not killed and Icarus is ...

498 - Lyotard's Angels

Mr Milton has real angels made
to tell a story. Raphael relates
the epic of a universe betrayed
while Michael ...

497 - Lyotard on Chaucer and Villon

the Canterbury Tales shall narrate
no longer. the characters will give up
the chaplets of story and celebrate
themselves instead ...

496 - The Sleepers

my children lie in with their mother -
sleep with her again like foetuses.
daughter and younger son rediscover
sleep sweeter ...

495 - Bromsgrove Poets

consider the Bromsgrove poets Housman
and Geoffrey Hill - Oxford men at Cambridge.
lightfoot lads are stars that fall in Ocean ...

494 - Ladshill

I stood on Ladshill behind Edgcote
and watched thundercloud over Eydon.
from my foot sprang a partridge - I noted
the ...

493 - Pyre

let me be buried in the orange flame
the solar flare of the funeral ghat
until nothing is left that ...

492 - to Philip Larkin

Larkin was wrong. dubious women draw
their daughters pentagrams - teach a curse
to quell a lover - settle a score -
rites ...

491 - 1649

the kids found a tombstone in the churchyard
barely showing on the grass - like the moon
fast waning crescent - with ...