567 - to a Woman

nothing is figurative about you
nor are you an allegory of some
idea. beauty of you is you are true ...

566 - Barrow Hill

why wonder what chieftain lay in this mound ?
that a name was put to the earth to house
his renown ...

565 - Portent

like the Roman or Norse - I went scanning
for portents under lowering cloud
on strange shining ground before it began ...

564 - Swifts - for Patricia

the bee fits in its tut in the wall.
butterflies are the traffic on the lanes.
nothing in Adderbury recalls ...

563 - Proust

Elstir’s sun ran out in the eclipse
of his brush - brief stars intersected
the returning flocks - time’s apocalypse
was revealed ...

562 - St Mary the Virgin - Adderbury

Adderbury’s church is an ironstone
aquarium - where the mud’s marine
environment and fauna are still shown
in oolite and green ...

561 - Woodford Hill

some creature took off under the wheat
and went down the slope in a current.
its trail stopped when its ...

560 - Heidegger's Skull

this might be giving the Devil his due
but Heidegger had contemplation right
when he thought how Roman augurs viewed ...

559 - The Daventry Enlightenment

Daventry is a town over the edge
but it is not yet on the other side.
people perpendicular to the ...

558 - Byfield Spire

is the spire setting on top of the hill
or is it still rising ? down in the dip
it looks ...